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CSIA is the pioneer of first Asian SMO and CRO Alliance by integrating the clinical development strategy from CRO and SMO in ASIA.

Full Support Solution

CSIA will perform a full clinical development support service with CSIA information exchange system which the customers have never experienced by using the effective mobility and flexibility of CRO and SMO which they closely and directly feel the rapid changing condition and environment of clinical development in Asia.

Quality Management

CSIA will share all the issues such as protocol violations and adverse events occurred within participated countries and regions on the project level to increase the entire study quality. And the policy of the CSIA is to provide maximum benefit to our customer corresponding by risk-based and remote monitoring, and complying with ALCOA, ICH–GCP, and local laws and regulations.

Proposal of Clinical Trial Plan and Quotation

CSIA will propose a clinical trial plan including all the information of member countries and regions based on the customers requests, and also more precious information with the cooperation of CISA members. If the customer needs a consultation or has a intention to offer the project prior to the contract, CSIA will provide additional information to the customer.

It will require large amount of service fee and resource to determine the potential of customer products in this rapidly changing development environment. CSIA will support the customer with reasonable price for providing strategy set up along with the situation of each countries and regions. CSIA will support you with every effort considering the future of customer developing product using CSIA information sharing system.

Information Sharing and IT management System

Using the certain system also used as training system , CSIA will provide any customer’s product related information to the customer to achieve that the customer has never experienced such a high quality fast clinical development service.

CSIA provides CTMS service upon the customer request to satisfy the needs of entire project management. Also, bio-statistics and data management team is capable with SAS, IWRS, EDC (E–clinicalOS, Inform, Viedoc) complied with CDISC, and MedDRA, and provide the service along with the customer needs.