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CRC Services

It is the supporting service for investigators at investigational site for smooth study operation. It is supporting tasks; nevertheless, CRCs are indispensable because they arrange / organize entire site operation for the site and sponsor for all the participants such as patients, investigators, site staff, and customer personnel.

  • Subject recruitment
  • Support for obtaining informed consent
  • Subject management (criteria check, registration support, visit scheduling, etc.)
  • Correspond with adverse event during the study
  • Management support of investigational products
  • Transcription support from source documents to case report form for investigators
  • Preparing, archiving, and managing all the documentation such as ICF
  • Supporting tasks of Investigators and site staff
  • Organizing / arranging study related schedules
  • Supporting the contact with sponsor
  • Supporting the correspondence with monitoring and audit, etc. from sponsors and regulatory authorities
  • And other clinical trial related support tasks