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Member SMOs & CROs

SMO Members

SitePartner Corporation
SitePartner is a Taiwan located Site Management Organization (SMO) that was established in July 2004, and the provided services mainly focus on enhancing site performance, conducting phase I–IV clinical trials with emphasis on healthy volunteers and patients recruitment, and accelerating the clients’ drug development timeline.
SMO ClinPlus Co., Ltd.
SMO ClinPlus is a top Site Management Organization (SMO) covering around 50+ cities in China and was established in 2009 (SMO service promoted from 2004), and is leading lots of investigators and site staff for our customer as the largest service coverage and the most experienced SMO in China.
Medical System Research corp.
MSR is a one of oldest Site Management Organization (SMO) that was established in 1999, and is leading SMO services in Japan. Over 15 years experiences by supporting our customer conducting phase I –IV clinical trials, With our conscientious support, our customers satisfied our higher quality service level with that of a competent SMOs.
MedPlus1 Co., Ltd.
MedPlus1 is a first certified SMO and partial CRO provider covering major city, Hanoi, and Hoh Chi Minh in Vietnam once the clinical trial related laws and regulation changed in 2014 through 2015. Well–trained study coordinators provide and perform high quality SMO/CRO services in accordance with ICH–GCP and local regulations.

CRO Members

SRD Co., Ltd.
Since SRD was established in 1989, SRD have been developing as a pioneer in CRO service for healthcare industry. Our professional staff offers a high quality and fast service thanks to the “know-how” that has been accumulated since more than for two decades. We can provide service for the each stage of development, a combination of specific services or a full service. As a partner, SRD work with clients, bringing out our employees’ potential to contribute to the future of the medical care.