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Medical Writing|Service

We can provide a high quality service with our well experienced medical writers in clinical development.

Our medical writers have broad expertise as well as the experience in the field of clinical development. By complying with the relevant guidelines and SOPs, we provide high service quality to fulfill client needs.

Our Services

Medical Writing (MW) department provides services such as preparation for various documents relating to clinical trial.

  • Investigator’s Brochure (IB)
  • Protocol
  • Informed Consent Form (draft)
  • Clinical Study Report (CSR)
  • Study Publication
  • Common Technical Document (CTD)

*In addition to clinical study, we are also able to provide other various services such as clinical research.




The reasons why SRD is chosen as a partner.

Point1 Medical Writer

Our medical writers are well-experienced monitors in clinical development and have extensive expertise in various therapeutic areas. Therefore, we are able to provide the high standard quality service and, to reach the client’s expectation, minimize the time it will take to deliver the final product to our client.

Point2 SRD’s Team Work

At the beginning of a project, we will organize a medical writing team accordingly to work contents of the project; the work will be coordinated with the client, monitors, DM, etc.
It is one of the SRD’s specialties to collaborate with various in-house departments exceeding the boundaries of departments.

Point3 Total Service

MW is not just about "writing".
At SRD, we are proactively providing various proposals with the perspective of consulting and thinking through the consecutive clinical development process. By pondering protocol feasibility and with the pharmaceutical applications in perspective, we contribute our clients with more than just the provision of a service, but also to be good working partner to our sponsors.