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International services

Advanced services with global study experienced specialists

Global study is the development of new drugs that is performed at the same time in different countries. Its benefits are that the sales period can be unified even in areas with slow sales timing, and that the patients from different markets can access the products quickly.

At SRD, we teamed up a system in cooperation beyond the boundaries of departments that allow us to quickly provide a wide range of services.

SRD locations
(include CRO partner locations)

SRD locations

Main service content (Japan ⇒ overseas)

Support work of global cooperative studies (Global study, Asian study, etc.)

  • Consulting business for overseas study and development strategy building
  • Implementation of Global study using our alliance with overseas CROs
  • Work of Global Project Management

Main service content (overseas ⇒ Japan)

Support work for foreign companies

  • Consulting for Domestic study
  • Project management in close cooperation with overseas partners
  • Conduct of domestic study in compliance with ICH, FDA, EMA regulations
  • Work of In-Country Caretaker