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Support of drug development

From a specific service to a full service, we can provide you the service that fit your needs.

Our staff offers a high quality and fast service thanks to the "know-how" that has been accumulated since more than for two decades. We can provide service for the each stage of development, a combination of specific services or a full service.

Flow of development work

Flow of development work

Service contents:

  • Feasibility research
  • Site selection
  • Monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Case registration / Drug allocation
  • Drug management / Storage
  • Data management / Statistical analysis
  • Medical Writing
  • Safety management / support
  • GCP audit
  • Support of written survey
  • Consultant for application work
  • Elaboration of application documents for approval
  • In-Country Caretaker

We provide services in the following:

  • Clinical study Phase I ~ IV (including global study)
  • Clinical research
  • Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT)
  • Post-marketing survey
  • We can provide high quality services in any drug or studies at all times
  • With the global management of materials and information by our monitoring support team, the efficiency of the in-house monitoring duties (document management, preparation for IRB submission, etc.) has been achieved.
  • You can refer to us for each work services and also for a more specific service.
  • Experienced staff has been enrolled, and they can be immediately operational.

【Examples of specific service】
Feasibility research, Sites selection, Request / contract paperwork, SDV, QC, GCP Audit, Regulatory Affairs, etc.