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Introduction of past entrusted work of SRD.

Since our establishment in 1989, we have provided supports in clinical development of various pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Currently, works in our field extend to applications and consultation for quasi-drugs to health food.
And in 2013, the department of Global Project Management was established with the purpose of providing global services.

Monitoring (pharmaceutical products/medical devices): Achievements by phase

In recent years, the number of packaged entrustments for clinical researches has increased. The number of studies (by phase) we have been entrusted for are described below.


Monitoring Achievements (pharmaceutical products/medical devices)

The pie chart shows the number of studies by therapeutic areas for which monitoring work was entrusted.
SRD has experience for clinical trials in various therapeutic areas beginning with Oncology and CNS that are the core of the current drug development, and has also abundant experience with biomedicine (antibody drug) that in which its use is likely to increase in the future.


Monitoring Achievements (generic drugs)

The number of protocols in bioequivalence studies in which we were entrusted with monitoring is described below.
We were entrusted with not only oral medications, others including granules, poultices, tapings, etc.


Regulatory affairs application Achievements (pharmaceutical products / medical devices)

The number of entrusted works relating to regulatory affairs application is as below.

We have many other experiences than those are listed above.
					For more details, please contact our department of Global Project Management.