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SRD contributes to the preservation and enhancement of Health through the support in research and development of Health-related business.

Our Policy

We operate our business based on natural science.

Our business development is within the field of Health industry

We develop knowledge-intensive business.

Promotion of high value-added business
Enhancement of consulting expertise

Our well-experienced professionals offer you high quality services.

Our work is always performed as a team.
We always do our best in conducting our tasks regardless of the kind.
We accomplish our duties voluntarily and actively

We aim to establish a partnership with our sponsors.

We regard and conduct the entrusted tasks as if we undertook our own.
We ensure exchange of information with our sponsors.
We carry out our tasks by placing ourselves in the sponsor’s position.
We aim to respond to 100% of our clients’ needs.

Sales strategy

Our sales activities are based on sales engineering.
All our employees realize that we are taking part in sales activities.
We believe that receiving a high customer satisfaction is the most effective factor for our sales activity.

We carry out merit-oriented evaluation based on Humanism.

Consciousness, enthusiasm, effort and cooperativeness.
Process of the work execution.
Results and Achievements.
Continued service for our company.

Development of Human Assets

We have the following policy for the development of human assets.

1.Our asset is our employees.
2.Creation of a structure and an organization that promote employees’ development.
3.Our goal: the development of well balanced employees with both a high expertise and humanity.
4.Our education policy is "Tackle every challenge without fearing failure".

Instruction for Our Employees

Our employees are encouraged to act along with the following 6 precepts: